Vermont Will Legalize Recreational Cannabis Next Month, Says Top Legislators – News

Recreational cannabis may be legal in Vermont as soon as next month, state legislators believe. The legalization bill “will be up for a vote in early January,” state House Speaker Mitzi Johnson said in an interview with Vermont Public Radio last week. “I expect that it likely will pass in early January.” If this bill gets signed into law, Vermont will become the first state to legalize via an act of legislation. Every other state that has legalized pot has done so via a ballot measure approved by a majority of voters.

Legalization in Vermont seemed like a done deal earlier this year, after both chambers of the state’s legislature successfully passed a bill that would allow adults to possess and grow cannabis. Governor Phil Scott vetoed the bill, however, but told state legislators that he would sign an amended version if it addressed his concerns over impaired driving and child safety. The state Senate attempted to rush this amended version through a special veto session this summer, but the House was unable to push the bill through in the short timeframe.

The state legislature operates on a biennial basis, so the bill has a third chance at success. The bill is scheduled…

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