Utah Advocates Submit Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative – News

After years of watching the Utah Legislature sandbag the medical marijuana issue, advocates are taking matters into their own hands.

A report from Fox 13 indicates that a group called the Utah Patients Coalition has launched a campaign aimed at putting a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in the 2018 election.

The proposal, designed in the image of legislation brought to the table last year by state Senator Mark Madsen, would allow patients with a variety of health conditions to purchase cannabis products with a doctor’s permission.

Although the measure does not allow marijuana to be smoked, it would give program participants the right to use edibles, oils and vaporizers.

As we have seen with other medical marijuana states, like Florida, Minnesota and New York, all of which prohibit smoking as part of the medical program’s rules, the measure would also prevent patients from cultivating their own medicine at home. It is a conservative approach that advocates feel will make the proposal more palatable to the average voter.

Earlier this week, the coalition took the first step in the ballot initiative process by submitting the required paperwork. After…

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