The Number of Dogs Police Kill on Marijuana Raids is Staggering

The relationship between law enforcement and the American people may be the most strained it has ever been. Between the War on Drugs claiming generations of nonviolent Americans as prisoners and the social media era exposing actions taken by uniformed officers that have likely been going on for many decades, it’s difficult for America’s younger generations to imagine a time when those entrusted with protecting and serving us have been trusted less.

Even though cannabis itself poses no deadly threat to its users, the prohibition of the plant has left a trail of destruction in its path for over a half-century. Today, while many adults across the country can legally enjoy or grow marijuana recreationally, others are being raided and having guns pointed at them while officers of the law confiscate their belongings — or worse.

The national spotlight has been fixed on the issue of lethal force by police officers on human suspects, and rightly so, but little attention is given to the alarming number of fatal encounters involving what millions of Americans define as legitimate members of the family: our dogs.

In 2016, the Department of Justice estimated that roughly 25…

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