The Evolution of Cannabis Activism in Canada

Cannabis activists from the Great White North come in all shapes and sizes, sharing the one common goal of ending marijuana prohibition. Now that legalization is almost a reality in Canada, what do these dedicated individuals who have spent decades fighting for personal freedoms do next? spoke with three legendary figures in the world of cannabis activism to see what their plans are post-legalization.

“I’ve been an activist for 27 years and been to jail three major times,” said Don Briere, owner of Weeds Glass + Gifts. Don has opened well over a dozen dispensaries in British Columbia and Toronto, and the number of active locations always depends on how many law enforcement has shut down.

Don firmly believes that Bill C-45 is too restrictive, but despite that fact, he is excited for the future of cannabis in Canada. “We’re optimistic. The courts recognize that we have a right for reasonable access [to marijuana]. Basically, the cannabis laws have fallen.”

Don already has plans when legalization takes hold in July of 2018 and he has no intention of slowing down. “We are going to keep fighting for our rights. [For example] reasonable access….

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