Shutting Down Marijuana Dispensaries Increases Crime Rate

A History of Marijuana

There has long been a link between marijuana and crime rates. Because there was always such a high demand and it is a drug with proven health benefits, marijuana has always the most popular illegal substance. Marijuana was banned in 1937 despite the advice of the American Medical Association. It has been used through history to alleviate a variety of different symptoms.

The current state of marijuana legality in the USA is that 29 states have legalized medical marijuana and 8 states have legalized recreational marijuana. In New York, there are over 1000 health therapists who are prescribing marijuana and almost 24,000 patients receiving the treatment. It is quite safe to say that most of these people use marijuana for recreational purposes rather than medical, as medical marijuana licenses and treatment is rather easy to obtain. Meanwhile, in Nevada, there is a state of emergency after the supply of recreational marijuana is set to run out, a mere two weeks after legalization

Marijuana Linked to Negative Crime Rates

The relationship between marijuana dispensaries and crime rates is not what it was once believed to be. In a bizarre twist of…

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