Oklahomans Will Vote on America’s Most Progressive Medical Marijuana Proposal in 2018 – News

Legal weed legislation has been sweeping the nation for the last decade, but while over half of the country now has some sort of access to medical or recreational bud, the nation’s most progressive markets are still largely concentrated on the coasts, with California and Colorado leading the way while Massachusetts and Maine sort out their recreational regulations. In America’s Bible Belt, though, where Trump carried the vote and reefer madness policies are still largely the law of the land, Oklahoma is trying to turn a fly-over reputation into a cannabis industry destination.

When Oklahomans vote on State Question 788 in November 2018, they’ll be voting to make the Sooner State America’s most progressive medical marijuana provider. As it’s written, SQ788 would create a medical marijuana program with no qualifying conditions and no limits on the number of plants a licensed grower can produce. If passed, any Oklahoman who can get a doctor’s recommendation would be eligible to purchase and use the state’s legal weed.

According to Oklahomans for Health, the nonprofit group spearheading the fight for SQ788, the open-ended platform would help Oklahomans with…

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