New York Governor Proposes Legislation to Crack Down on Synthetic Marijuana and Fentanyl – News

While the Department of Justice continues on their tireless crusade to undermine recreational and medical cannabis legalization, much more dangerous substances are surfacing across the world. From Brooklyn to Manchester, synthetic marijuana (more popularly known as K2 or spice) has plagued the streets, leaving users in a zombie-like states, or even in the hospital. Meanwhile, opioid abuse is also rising at an alarming rate, partly due to the popularity of fentanyl.

In order to combat these highly hazardous drugs, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is planning to propose legislation that would add various concoctions of synthetic marijuana and fentanyl to the state’s list of controlled substances. The bills would pertain to 35 types of spice and 11 types of fentanyl.

Although both substances are already illegal under federal law, the governor claims that drug producers continue to tweak their recipe in order to stay ahead of the law. Therefore, Cuomo believes that these newly proposed laws are necessary to get down to the root of this rampant issue. In fact, the legislation would give the state health commissioner the ability to add any new drugs from the federal list of…

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