New Jersey, Vermont, and Rhode Island State Legislatures Could Pass Marijuana Laws in 2018 – News

Although state legislatures all over the country have been apprehensive to pass measures pertaining to the legalization of marijuana, that could all change in 2018, according to a report from Marijuana Business Daily.

A number of states are set to give serious consideration to recreational marijuana bills next year. Although there have been a couple of close calls over the past couple of years, every solid attempt at state government approved pot legalization has been snuffed out in the eleventh hour.

But industry insiders, like Marijuana Policy Project executive director Rob Kampia, and Drug Policy Alliance senior director of national affairs Bill Piper, say they encouraged by the possibility of legal weed going the distance in the next legislative session.

As far as predictions go, Kampia’s money is on New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

“New Jersey, I think, is the most likely,” Kampia told MBD. “With a very liberal Democratic legislature, we think (New Jersey) would be ranked No. 1 or be tied with Vermont.”

New Jersey is the top pick since Governor Chris Christie, who has refused to further the marijuana issue while in office, is officially…

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