Melissa Etheridge Arrested For Cannabis Possession Crossing the Canadian Border – News

Even rock stars aren’t safe from the long arm of the law. A new report has recently surfaced from a North Dakota customs stop late this summer, with TMZ revealing that folk-rock superstar Melissa Etheridge was arrested for marijuana possession.

According to Hollywood’s most successful crew of paparazzi, Etheridge was leaving Canada on August 17th, the day after performing at the River Cree Casino in Edmonton, when her tour bus was stopped at a customs check on the American side of the border in North Dakota. At the border crossing, drug-sniffing dogs boarded the bus and directed customs agents to a bottle of cannabis oil.

And while the cannabis oil is legal under certain circumstances in Canada, and is totally legal in Etheridge’s home state of California, the same cannot be said for North Dakota, where total prohibition is still the law of the land. Accordingly, Etheridge was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Etheridge told law enforcement officers on the scene that she uses the oil to combat the lasting effects of breast cancer and pleaded not guilty to the possession charge.

Since being diagnosed in 2004, Etheridge…

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