Hawaii’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Temporarily Closes Due to Testing Backlog – News

It’s been less than a week since Hawaii’s first-ever medical marijuana dispensary opened for business, and already the operation has been forced to temporarily close its doors after selling out of cannabis over the weekend.

A report from Maui News shows that Maui Grown Therapies, the island’s first dispensary since the state legalized medical marijuana 17 years ago, is now waiting on the Department of Heath’s State Labs Division to give their cannabis products the green light, so they can begin servicing patients again. This clearance was expected to happen ahead of the weekend shortage, but the state has, so far, failed to provide the next lot with a clean lab certification.

Officials with Maui Grown said action by the health department is necessary in order “to help unclog a backlog of products so Maui patients can have access to quality-assured medicinal cannabis products.”

The dispensary is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday for customers who make appointments through the company’s website.

“It’s unfortunate that an administrative hindrance of this magnitude prevents patients from getting the help they need,” Christopher Cole, director of…

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