Hawaii Insurance Company Severs Ties with Medical Marijuana Companies Over Federal Crackdown Fears – News

Concerned that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to make good on threats to cause trouble for those involved with the legal marijuana industry, Hawaii’s biggest workers’ compensation insurance firm has severed all ties with the state’s medical marijuana operations.

According to a report from the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Co. (HEMIC) recently informed seven of the state’s eight medical marijuana dispensaries that it was cancelling their policies. The report indicates that this decision was made unanimously by the insurer’s board of directors because of concerns that their affiliation with the cannabis trade would leave them open to prosecution under federal drug laws.

“A strict interpretation of the conflicting state and federal laws would expose companies doing business with medical marijuana dispensaries to criminal prosecution under federal law,” the company said. “This may include the personal assets of the members of its boards.”

The insurance company insists that the decision to disconnect from the medical marijuana industry was nothing personal, said HEMIC Chief Executive Officer Marty Welch. But…

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