Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Calls For Open International Cannabis Trade – News

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox called for open international cannabis trade in his keynote address at the National Cannabis Industry Association this week. In his thirty-minute speech, Fox said he believed that Mexico and Canada could become the world leaders in both medical and recreational marijuana exports. To this end, he called for cannabis trade to be included under international agreements like NAFTA.

“Now this new, newly born industry, economic sector, is already larger in jobs, larger in sales … than many other economic sectors in many other industries, and it’s just the beginning,” Fox said. “Now (Mexico is) going to be an exporting economy, and that … should be one of the areas to negotiate in NAFTA.”

Fox told the audience that he envisioned Mexico providing as much as 60% of America’s legal marijuana supply, rivaling domestic producers. In order for this to work, he explained that “cannabis has to be integrated into NAFTA. It has to have the trade potential of moving without barriers, without taxes and limits, only complying with the law, the consumer and his health.”

Mexico has already legalized low-THC medical cannabis, and Fox…

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