Former Mexican President Imagines a Future Where Legal Weed Is an Internationally Traded Cash Crop – News

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Vincente Fox has never been shy about his ideas. The ex-Coca-Cola executive and former President of Mexico has been out of office since 2006, but has never stepped away from the popular discourse, appearing on news programs and social media regularly to express his progressive political opinions. For the past two years, Fox has made headlines for his continued rebukes of Donald Trump’s verbal and political assaults on the country and people of Mexico, often repeating his now signature phrase, “We are not paying for that fucking wall.”

When it comes to cannabis, Fox is as liberal as they come, denouncing prohibition laws across the globe while using his significant political fame to continually call for marijuana legalization in both his home country of Mexico, and in the United States.

According to USA Today’s Arizona Central, Fox delivered the keynote address at this past weekend’s gathering of the Southwest Cannabis Convention in Phoenix, AZ, offering attendees of the third annual conference a vision of the future where legal weed is ubiquitous across North America, traded freely among Mexico, the United States, and…

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