Colorado Officials Pen Letter to Jeff Sessions Defending Legal Cannabis – News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the persistent enemy of cannabis legalization, recently sent letters to the first four canna-legal states challenging their oversight of legal marijuana. Washington, Oregon, and Alaska responded with letters in their own defense, and Colorado joined these states this week in hitting back with a letter strongly defending their own cannabis regulation.

Governor John Hickenlooper and Attorney General Cynthia Coffman sent the letter to Sessions on Thursday, noting that their regulations are effective in preventing diversion of Colorado-grown weed to other states. “The State of Colorado has worked diligently to implement the will of our citizens and build a comprehensive regulatory and enforcement system that prioritizes public safety and public health,” the letter states.

“When abuses and unintended consequences materialize, the state has acted quickly to address any resulting harms,” the letter continues. “While our system has proven to be effective, we are constantly evaluating and seeking to strengthen our approach to regulation and enforcement.”

Last month, Sessions told Colorado officials that a 2016 law enforcement report…

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