Canna-Legal States Fight Pot Smuggling to Ward Off Feds – News

Canna-legal states are organizing efforts to stop the smuggling of legally-grown weed to states where it is legal, in hopes to stave off a federal crackdown on legal cannabis. Cannabis growers in Oregon produce between 132 and 900 tons more weed than the state’s residents can consume, according to a recent Oregon State Police report. Much of this excess marijuana is smuggled out-of-state. In California, cannabis growers are reportedly producing an excess of 11 million pounds of weed a year, which is also being trafficked across state lines.

So far, the preferred method of preventing illegal trafficking of legal cannabis is seed-to-sale tracking. Oregon recently passed a law requiring that state regulators track all cannabis plants from the packaging of the seeds all the way through to the sale of the final cannabis product. Tina Kotek, speaker of the Oregon House, said that “there was a real recognition that things could be changing in D.C.,” and that the new law will ensure that “we’re protecting the new industry that we’re supporting here.”

Washington state already has a tracking system set up, but the state is planning to replace this system with a “highly…

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