Canadian Veterinary Officials Meet With Feds About Pot for Pets

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) along with other members of the animal health and welfare community, met with Health Canada Wednesday to discuss the future of medical cannabis for pets.

These public consultations which have been described as roundtable discussions are designed to shed light on the potential benefits and drawbacks of allowing Canada’s veterinarians to prescribe cannabis to animals.

“[The CVMA doesn’t]  have a position on these products per se,” said Shane Renwick, Manager of National Issues and Animal Welfare in an interview with “We’re aware that there’s lack of research and a lot of unknowns about the nature of potential products, and certainly how components of these products would be useful in animals. We [also] realize there’s a lot of potential.”

Renwick added that the CVMA is organizing a national forum next summer to discuss cannabinoid medicine for pets or “companion animals” as they call them. “We will have a discussion with a number of experts, and a lot of our membership will be there as well to discuss things.”

Although the CVMA has not offered an official stance on medical…

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