California Highway Patrol Will Use Mouth Swabs to Test Drivers for Cannabis Intoxication – News

California Governor Jerry Brown signed the state’s 2018 budget into law this week, and in addition to spending almost $75 billion on education and $50 million on women’s health programs, Brown’s signature also created a new set of regulations for drivers carrying cannabis and new protocol for law enforcement officers tasked with detecting stoned drivers.

According to Courthouse News, California drivers will now be required to follow a marijuana open container law, requiring legal weed to be in sealed in an unopened container or if opened, be stored in the trunk. If cops find a rolled joint in the glove box or a ziploc baggie in the center console, drivers could be subject to a fine and confiscation.

If the cops do find a roach in your car’s cup holder though, law enforcement officers in the Golden State will now have a new tool to help them determine whether or not you are driving while impaired or not. To get to the bottom of the DUI issues that states like Colorado and Oregon have been grappling with since the early days of legalization, California cops will now be able to use a mouth swabbing device to detect THC levels in suspected impaired…

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