California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Three Marijuana-Related Bills – News

Just months before the state’s recreational marijuana market is set to get underway, California Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a handful of bills attempting to place tighter restrictions on cannabis edibles, butane sales, and the consumption of marijuana at beaches and state parks.

On Friday, Brown went against the grain of a measure intended to prevent cannabis edibles from being manufactured in the form of animals, fruit, and other shapes that children might find appealing.

The proposal, which was brought to the table by Assemblyman Rudy Salas, suggested that cannabis edibles sold could not be “designed to be appealing to children or easily confused with commercially sold candy or foods that do not contain cannabis.”

However, Brown said he could not sign the legislation into law, at this time, because it “would chapter out specific provisions in the recently enacted trailer bill.”

For a second time, the governor also vetoed a measure intended to prevent marijuana from being smoked on all beaches and states parks. It was a provision tucked inside a larger bill designed to prevent people from smoking cigarettes in these areas.

But Brown said the…

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