Border Patrol in Maine Will Still Bust People for Marijuana Possession – News

Although marijuana is now fully legal in the state of Maine, the new law could still present unwanted legal challenges for pot possessors running anywhere close to the Canadian border.

Earlier this week, Chief Daniel Hiebert, the leading U.S. Border Patrol agent in Maine, announced that, despite the state’s recent legalization efforts, border patrol agents would continue to adhere to federal law when it comes to people caught in possession of marijuana.

Although Hiebert admits that agents would not be actively searching for the herb while on patrol or during checkpoints, he told reporters on Monday that the agency would still enforce the pot laws defined by the United States government if and when marijuana is discovered.

“Be careful,” he said, according to the Portland Press Herald. “If they want to keep their marijuana, don’t do anything that is going to get our agents’ attention. Border agents are being told that if you encounter marijuana, go ahead and seize it. But don’t go looking for it because that is not part of our primary mission.”

To complicate matters even more, Hiebert also said that Mainers looking to secure gainful employment with the…

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