Ever since it became a possibility that U.S.

Attorney General Sessions May Pull Funding If States Don’t Comply With Federal Marijuana Law

Ever since it became a possibility that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his goons at the DEA could swoop in and put a stop to the legal cannabis industry, members of the trade have been wondering how the federal government could possibly impose a widespread crackdown on a substance that is now legal in some form in over half of the nation.

The answer is simple: Strip state and local governments of their funding if they refuse to comply with federal law.

This scenario is not a hypothesis; it is exactly how Sessions plans to strong-arm jurisdictions all across the country into adhering to the policies outlined by the federal government.

“If you’re not cooperating with the federal government, you’re going to lose grant money,” Sessions told Fox News. “We’re going to battle on them every step of the way.”

A recent report from NPR’s All Things Considered indicates that a somewhat unnoticed portion of a Justice Department memo from last week, which calls for a full review of existing policies, including those pertaining to marijuana, directed prosecutors and DOJ heads to make sure state governments are in compliance with “all federal laws.”

Although the primary…

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