With California’s Fires Close to Contained, Cannabis Experts Predict Little Damage to Total Harvest – News

Lead photo via U.S. Department of Agriculture

After a week of uncontrollable fire, smoke and uncertainty, the largest set of mass wildfires in Northern California’s recorded history finally appear to be, at least somewhat, under control. And as the communities of Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties move from a state of shocked sadness to one of strength, resilience and rebuilding, the area’s vast cannabis community is leading the way to bring whatever kind of solace they can to their affected neighbors. But since the fires did not move north of Mendocino, Nor Cal’s marijuana experts are predicting minimal damage to the area’s total cannabis harvest, bringing at least one bit of good news to a part of the country that’s had little to smile about recently.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Weekly, at least 21 cannabis farms were destroyed by the fires, wreaking havoc for a number of Sonoma and Mendocino based cultivators who were literally days away from the start of trimming when fire came knocking. But while life has been unfathomably altered for those individual farmers and their companies, California’s massive annual harvest has largely survived…

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