The Future of Legal Pot in Italy

At the beginning of April of this year, reported that the Radicali Italiani movement in Italy was in the process of drafting a bill to legalize adult-use cannabis within the culturally influential European nation.

The Italians have legalized and implemented a medical cannabis system. For the legalization of adult-use pot, however, we were informed by the President of the Radicali movement, Antonella Soldo, that many hurdles still exist. caught up with Soldo to get a progress report on their important efforts.

Radicali Italiani together with the Luca Coscioni Association and with all the other major anti-prohibitionist movements in Italy, promoted a popular proposal of law,” said Soldo. “We created a successful campaign (called Legalizziamo) and raised 68,000 signatures from Italian citizens asking for legal marijuana. But our proposal [has not been] discussed yet.”

As in many other countries that prohibit the sale, cultivation, or use of cannabis, the Italian jails are overflowing with non-violent, marijuana-related offenders. “Smoking marijuana is not a crime in Italy but growing and selling are. As a [result] Italian jails…

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