Meet the Couple Who Might Legalize Cannabis in South Africa

When the topic of marijuana in the justice system is normally discussed, it is usually in the context of an individual who is on trial for possession or trafficking. But right now, in South Africa, the constitutional right to use marijuana is being examined before the courts.

A constitutional challenge in the Pretoria High Court was launched on July 31st by Jules Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke, also known as “The Dagga (marijuana) Couple.” Together, the two have claimed that prosecuting and jailing someone for possessing and growing cannabis for personal use is against the South African constitutional right to dignity.

The 19-day trial has seen government officials and experts arguing for and against the potential historic decision to legalize cannabis in South Africa. A move which, if accepted, will undoubtedly act as a catalyst for cannabis reform across the continent.

The trial is being live-streamed for all to see. caught up with The Dagga Couple by email over the weekend to learn more about the proceedings.

( First, why are you called the Dagga Couple?

(Jules Stobbs) We were labeled the Dagga Couple by the South African media and we just…

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