LA County Approves Stricter Regulations On Commercial Cannabis & Personal Cultivation – News

After California voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana in November, the award for capital of cannabis was almost immediately polished and placed upon that state’s mantel. As Governor Jerry Brown and other state lawmakers try to usher in this new era in a responsible and well-regulated way, county officials are already working on recreational and medical marijuana systems.

This week, Los Angeles County—the most populated county in all of the United States, boasting over 10 million residents— had its first set of regulations approved by the County Board of Supervisors. In a unanimous vote, the committee voted to ban all commercial cannabis activities in unincorporated areas. 

Originally put in place back in 2010, this restriction was extended to include cultivation, production, testing, and distributing the drug for anything other than personal use. The LA County board also took its first step towards regulating personal cannabis cultivation. 

The new ordinance will limit residents to growing six plants at a time. Homeowners will be allowed to cultivate either indoors or outdoors, while those who live in apartments will be restricted to cultivating…

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