In the Land of Herb and Honey

Northern Nevada beekeeper and edible company team up to hit the honey pot.

Timothy Keenan will be the first to tell you he is a self-proclaimed honey aficionado. Growing up, Keenan’s parents were beekeeping enthusiasts who kept a couple of backyard hives. “Those are some of my earliest and fondest memories of collecting honey when I was a child so that kind of stuck with me throughout the years,” explains Keenan. “As I have traveled the world over the last 10 years I have tried to collect as many honeys as I could — like honey from Africa and Amazon and southeast Asia. I have a love for it, same as cannabis in a sense.”

So, it only makes sense that Keenan, who as Sales/Outreach Manager for Cannabella, would take the lead on the edible company’s honey product line when it was proposed earlier this year. “When we decided to do honey, I was lucky enough to be put in charge of finding the honey I wanted. I looked at different varietals, and looked at the various regions they were from, such as orange blossom versus sage,” says Keenan of his search which began in February. “I was after color, consistency, and flavor — I wanted light and floral almost…

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