Following Years of Underground Nomenclature, Legal Weed Businesses Move Away From “Strain Name Game” – News

Cannabis cultivators and consumers alike have relied on strain names to differentiate between types of bud for decades. With no legal avenue to standardize classifications or stop Greg from your econ class telling you his bag of schwag was actually Grandaddy Purp, an entire underground industry was created around guesstimates of smell, sight, and frankly, blind trust. But with legalization has come increased research into the once-illicit plant, and a growing faction of the legal weed market is already starting to abandon inconsistent strain names in favor of more quantitative, lab test-based distinctions. 

According to Marijuana Business Daily, a number of cultivators, retailers and customers with access to the privileges of legal weed have already abandoned the traditional naming system all together, choosing to brand their products with by their THC and CBD content, terpene profiles and other, more scientifically informed descriptions.

“Plants – even within the same strain – don’t always come out the same. This is why the term ‘strain’ is a thorn in my side, because it means absolutely nothing,” Autumn Karcey, president of Cultivo, a Los Angeles…

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