5 Best Pre-Rolls in Massachusetts

Pre-rolls are great because they make smoking weed easy. Whether you’re a novice who doesn’t know how to roll a joint or a seasoned user on the go, pre-rolls take the legwork out of preparing the flower for your smoking experience, a time-consuming ritual that often stands between potential users and getting high.

On the national market stage, as well as the Massachusetts market we’ll be discussing here, this accessible method of intake is on the rise. According to¬†data from Headset, pre-rolls account for 12% of the US market, with their popularity growing 13% in the US in 2022, and 28% in Canada. When it comes to Massachusetts specifically, pre-rolls account for 17% of the market.

Despite these glitzy numbers, the pre-roll industry has a dark side that often ends with consumers being tricked into buying really, really bad weed.

The issue lies in that you can’t see what is inside a joint, nor do you have any indication of its quality other than the packaging and the brand you’re purchasing it from. Because of this, dishonest manufacturers will often fill pre-rolls with trim, stems, and other byproducts of cannabis cultivation that don’t get you high, passing…

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