New Year, New Me: How Weed Can Help You Keep Your Resolutions

After all the Christmas and Hanukkah gifts have been exchanged for things you actually wanted, it’s time to quickly move on to more important endeavors such as narrowing down which “new year, new me” goals you’re going to post on Facebook. Our ancestors once referred to this process as “making New Year’s resolutions.”

But this isn’t just any old New Year for many Americans living in states where 2018 will be their first full year with access to legal marijuana. So, maybe weed is the missing link for the 80 percent of people who give up on their resolution by February, lasting only slightly longer than the Amazon gift card their Secret Santa swap produced.

Every year, at the beginning of January, humans across the globe place immense pressure on themselves to correct many of the negative patterns they’ve wanted to cease all year but couldn’t. The added support of everyone else fake-quitting bad habits in January and February combined with hashtags may explain why people wait until the first of the year to kick themselves into gear. But regardless of the reasons, let’s embrace the season of inner reflection and change.

I want to get more rest/go to…

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