Five reasons you probably shouldn’t smoke weed before a blind date

Your date’s less than 25 minutes away. You’re ready: You look good, feel good — you even smell good. You’re on track to make a positive first impression.

But you’re anxious. Dinner really counts. The movie — a bad idea you’re now realizing, the two of you sitting there silently, awkwardly, next to each other for two whole hours — isn’t a certainty if you screw dinner up. Your date could leave after the appetizer, not feeling you. Damn.

A bong rip would help you relax, you think. Weed has been your go-to for so long, especially going out somewhere. Anywhere. (And drinking too early is a terrible idea, of course.) Yet the angel on your shoulder tells you: Smoke later, after your date ends … maybe tomorrow.

Listen to the angel. Here are five reasons smoking weed before a blind date is a bad idea:

1. You get chatty (or too quiet)

Nothing ruins communication like a one-sided conversation. And we tend to ramble a little when we’re stoned, so … put down the bong….

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