CBD and Hemp Were on the Menu at This County Fair

On a recent trip to the Orange County Fair — the ninth largest fair in the United States — the onslaught of fried delights had me feeling quite guilty. Luckily, the theme for this year’s fair was “Farm to Table,” despite the rampant availability of cheeseburgers with donuts for buns. Organizers invited a number of nationally-renowned chefs and speakers to give fair attendees live culinary demonstrations … and something they didn’t’ expect to eat.

One of the featured speakers at this year’s fair was Chef Keiko Beatie, who is also a longtime cannabis advocate and OC NORML board member. Chef Keiko was on-hand to show aspiring chefs among the gathered crowd how to whip up delicious vegan dishes that would impress friends, family, and guests who have chosen the vegan lifestyle — and everyone else, too.

Chef Keiko’s enthusiasm for healthy culinary creations was infectious, radiating among the audience during her live cooking class. As samples of Keiko’s non-dairy chocolate strawberry pudding made from avocados were passed around to drooling audience members, the revelation that the delicious dessert also contained hemp drew oohs, ahhs, and even a…

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