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The renowned activist Michka Seeliger-Chatelain has travelled the world extensively to understand it, experience it and feel closer to it. We are honoured to present this exclusive blog article the Grande Dame of cannabis wrote for us, for you. Here are her thoughts.

It is said that love lasts three years. After three years, habits take over to the point that the object of our love has lost its shine. Routine has killed the marvellous.

Now, this also holds true for weed: too close of a relationship ends up spoiling the initial charm. Paradoxically, smoking less often allows… for a greater enjoyment.

It is as if we had to choose between intensity and comfort. Comfort may be enjoyed on a daily basis, whereas intensity – in its very essence – can only be felt when it is experienced occasionally. If we are looking for intensity, we had better smoke less often, even if that means consuming greater quantities occasionally. And eating weed instead of smoking it, of course.

Intensity or comfort, a cannabis smoker’s dilemma

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