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Many of us like to mix our weed with other things before we smoke it, whether it’s for conserving weed or for helping it burn better. However, tobacco isn’t the only thing that you can add to your smoking mix. We’ve compiled a list of herbs that are great to smoke with cannabis. Keep reading to learn to make your own herbal blend.

There are a lot of smokers out there who mix their weed with tobacco for one reason or another. For some, it’s about the taste while for others it’s about helping the weed burn down the joint better. For some smokers, mixing is a way to ensure that they aren’t smoking too much weed and help them conserve their stash for a little bit longer.

For whatever reason you like to mix, it has its benefits. But what else can you mix your joint with, besides tobacco? For those who are feeling a little more creative about expanding their herbal collection, we have some creative ideas for your smoking mix. There are many smokable herbs that go well with marijuana and can even enhance your smoking experience.

Damiana for sensual smokers

Sometimes the dried leaves of the damiana plant are…

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