From Marijuana to You, Miley Cyrus

Last night, enigmatic superstar Miley Cyrus sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to discuss a range of topics, including her new music and recent breakup with cannabis. Miley, a former advocate and serial enjoyer of the bountiful and life-giving plant, gave a few different reasons for departure from cannabis use.

I planned on coming in this morning and just really writing a passionately worded article to Miley about how displeased I was to hear the recent news, as marijuana (weed) has been a good friend of mine for years.

But when I came into the office I found a letter taped to the front door written by Marijuana herself — we’re very close.


Please publish my letter to Miley Cyrus. She must have a new number or something. You can rip this top part off and throw it away, no need to publish this section.

Your best friend,

Miley, Mimi, Baby,

What did I just watch last night? I thought we agreed we were going to keep things chill for a little bit just in case you wanted to start smoking again after you were done recording the album.

I know for a fact we said we weren’t going to go on late night talk shows and bash each other,…

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