DEA is looking for workers to burn one thousand pounds of marijuana per hour

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has plans to light up tons of weed in a manner that won’t get anybody high.

A notice issued by the DEA’s Houston Division seeks a group of workers willing to incinerate 1,000 pounds of marijuana per hour for a 6-month contract, Quartz reports.

The condemned cannabis sounds like it comes straight from illegal operations, as it is described as “tightly compressed ‘bricks’ or ‘bales,’ typically weighing between 40 and 60 pounds. Packaging will include, among other things, cardboard; Saran Wrap; aluminum foil; duct, scotch, and packing tape; plastic evidence bags and wrapping paper.”

But simply burning the weed won’t be enough, as the job contract requires a thorough toasting of all pot sent to the winning contractor.

“The integrity of the destruction process shall be such that the material to be destroyed cannot be redirected or retrieved once it is committed to destruction,” the DEA notice reads. The pot bricks must be destroyed “to a point where there are no detectable levels, as measured by standard analytical methods, of byproduct from the destruction…

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