Recreational Cannabis in New Jersey Could Put a Dent in Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Industry – News

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The prospects for legal weed in New Jersey are looking better than ever after voters elected Phil Murphy to the governor’s office this month. But while the Garden State is eagerly anticipating the great financial opportunities that legal cannabis will bring, some members of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry are worried that easy access to recreational weed across the state line may steal their thunder, reports the Philadephia Inquirer.

If New Jersey does legalize, analysts expect that the state’s cannabis market could grow to $1 billion a year, allowing the state to collect $300 million in annual tax revenue, according to the Inquirer. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania is just getting around to rolling out its medical cannabis program, which is expected to be fully online in the first quarter of next year. However their program only allows oil-based products, and industry experts are concerned that residents will take their money across the border to New Jersey, where buds, edibles, shatter, and likely every other conceivable cannabis product will be ripe for the taking.

Philadelphia-based attorney Seth A. Goldberg, who…

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