Nevada Sen. Tick Segerblom visits Denver, talks marijuana social use

Public consumption of cannabis is the “next frontier” and the next big legal hurdle for Nevada and other legalized states, said Tick Segerblom, a state senator representing Las Vegas.

All eyes are on Denver, as the Mile High City attempts a first-in-the-nation social use regulatory program, Segerblom said on Saturday, the second and final day of the National Cannabis Bar Association’s Cannabis Law Institute on Saturday at the University of Denver.

“Once this opens up, I can bring some people from Las Vegas (to Denver) and say, ‘Here, look at this, the sky hasn’t fallen, it works fine, no big deal,’” Segerblom said. “And they can then see, get their eyes to open up and see what a bonanza it could be in Nevada.”

Public consumption was among several topics discussed in the “Emerging Issues in Cannabis Law” discussion with Segerblom and Henry Wykowski, the attorney who represented California dispensary Harborside Health Center in a civil forfeiture case, and…

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