8 Tips on How To Combat Your High Weed Tolerance

Most stoners are familiar with the phenomenon of developing a tolerance to weed. It can cause you to end up consuming way more than you want to just for the sake of getting high. And this can turn your weed habit into something very damaging to your bank account. So, learn how to hack your tolerance with some techniques that we have for you!

You might have noticed that since you started smoking weed, it takes more and more for you to actually get high. Perhaps you’ve even upgraded to different methods of ingestion because you’re still searching for that super intense buzz that you used to get when you first started smoking. That’s because the more cannabis you smoke, the higher your tolerance has become.

This usually gets stoners stuck in a cycle of smoking more weed to match their tolerance, and their tolerance increasing as a result. It can leave you with a very expensive weed habit. And let’s be honest – it probably isn’t in your best health interests to be consuming so much weed.

But have no fear. There are ways to deal with your high weed tolerance – and they…

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