6 Best Low-Stress Training Clips and Ties

There are many ways to cultivate cannabis depending on the end goal. If you’re chasing large yields, then one method that may benefit your plants is low-stress training. If you don’t grow weed, you may be unfamiliar with this method; but luckily, there are experts that can give you advice on how to use it.

We connected with Brandon Alonzo, Director of Cultivation at The Flower Shop in Arizona, who uses low-stress training at various stages of cultivation.

Below, find out how you can apply this method to your own cannabis plants.

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What is low-stress training for weed?

Low-stress training, called LST for short, is a cannabis cultivation method in which you train cannabis plants to grow horizontally instead of vertically.

By gently bending the plant stalks laterally, LST allows plants to receive equal light penetration and airflow to the lower parts of the branches, ultimately increasing the size of the lower buds and resulting in higher yields. This method can be employed indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses.

Typically, plants receive the most direct light to the tops of the bush, which is why the top buds…

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