Vaping, other tobacco products tied to higher risk that teens will try marijuana

(Reuters Health) – Adolescents who have smoked e-cigarettes are more than three times more likely to move on to marijuana than teens who have never tried vaping, a U.S. study suggests.

At 10 high schools in Los Angeles, a total of 2,668 students participated in two surveys – one in the fall of ninth grade and another in the fall of eleventh grade. None of the ninth graders had used marijuana, but 43 percent had smoked cigarettes or sampled hookah, and 48 percent had tried vaping.

By eleventh grade, almost nine percent of the students were using marijuana and roughly 18 percent said they had tried it at some point in the previous two years.

Among teens who hadn’t tried e-cigarettes by ninth grade, about 16 percent tried marijuana by eleventh grade, the study found. By contrast, 40 percent of students who had tried e-cigarettes by ninth grade had tried marijuana two years later.

Kids who were using any tobacco products in ninth grade – whether e-cigarettes, traditional cigarettes, or hookah – were more than twice as likely to try pot over the next two years as ninth graders who didn’t have any history of tobacco use, the study also found.

“These tobacco products may give…

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