Licensing Troubles Are Forcing California Cannabis Companies to Close Down – News

For these reasons among others, some cannabis business operators have decided to shun the licensing process altogether.

Now, less than two months after the launch of the program, the state has already sent out a

It’s not fair for folks who have made the effort to get licensed to have to compete with unlicensed operators, Traverso says. “

Some responded to the letters saying they didn’t even know how to go about the state licensing process, he adds.

One delivery service operator who runs his enterprise illegally out of Los Angeles says he doesn’t think it’s worth getting licensed. The licensing process is so obtuse and expensive, he says he’d rather operate illegally or leave the the cannabis industry altogether. ” Many people who come to Clark’s office are working diligently to get local and state licensing, aiming to do everything legitimately – but it’s a slow and tricky process. “

The licensing process is even more difficult for cannabis farming, which is overseen by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.” target=” blank”>recent report from the California Growers Association, fewer than one percent of California’s nearly 70,000 cannabis cultivators have a state license.

“It hasn’t been the state, it’s been local code enforcement regarding zoning issues,” says Terry, who hails from Sonoma. “

Overall, the biggest challenge for cultivators to getting licensed, aside from local regulations or bans, is the cost, echoes Ruby Steinbrecher, president of

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