How to Get a Medical Card in Delaware

It’s finally time to renew that medical marijuana card! This task might feel as strenuous as moving someone’s furniture over the weekend, but it is far less arduous and much more beneficial to you. Fortunately, this task has also proved to be much simpler than you probably thought. As such, you should not fear, for Brodie Kush is here with everything you need to know about getting a medical marijuana card or renewal in Delaware is included in this article. 

In order for you to apply online for a Medical Marijuana ID card, your physician must be registered in the system to accept online applications. Please contact your physician and ask if they have registered in the online application program. If your physician is not registered in the system, they cannot complete and sign your paper application. 

If your physician is not registered to accept online applications, you will need to  print the paper version of the application and take it to your physician. Please contact the Medical Marijuana Program if you have any questions about the application process at 302-744-4749.

The Division of Public Health (DPH) implemented Title 16, Ch 49A of the Delaware Code after Governor Jack…

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