Wisconsin Governor Continues Pushing for Marijuana Legalization

Despite continued opposition from the state legislature, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) is reigniting his push for cannabis law reform, and he’s going bolder than ever. 

Past Efforts for Weed Legalization in Wisconsin

When constructing his budget proposal in 2019, newly-elected Gov. Evers announced plans to include the decriminalization of marijuana possession and the legalization of medical cannabis. The changes would mean that, in Wisconsin, possessing small amounts of pot would no longer be prosecuted as a crime, and even civil citation penalties would be abolished for possession of less that 26 grams.

As for specifics on Evers’ initial proposal for medical marijuana – sellers must be Wisconsinites, all weed must be grown in-state, and license fees, surcharges, and sales tax, Wisconsin would rake in a predicted $2.4 million within two years. 

The Wisconsin Policy Forum, a nonpartisan resource of research and education, published a report on Governor Evers’ approach to cannabis law reform, deeming it reasonable. The report reads, “his proposed medical program would keep the state in line with regional trends and public opinion, and his decriminalization proposal…

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