Why the economical cannabis conspiracy theories are nonsense

The rumours about hidden forces of darkness lurking behind the worldwide ban on cannabis just refuse to die. There is no proof at all of any worldwide cannabis conspiracy. The driving force behind the ban is latent European and North American racism, not economic interests as maintained, for example, by the cannabis activist Jack Herer.

In order to justify and maintain the ban on cannabis, many untruths have been propagated over the last 100 years which are now gradually being exposed one by one. People who have become aware of this tissue of lies through their personal experiences mistrust even the most serious representatives of the political world or the media, whenever the topic hits the political agenda.

As there are few rational, logical reasons for the ongoing ban, and as the prohibition is based on an admittedly unusual series of events, some people suspect there is a conspiracy of large companies and politicians or other interest groups behind the ban.

No Facts

Like some other conspiracy theories such as the claims…

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