Federal Judge Dismisses Legal Challenge to Cannabis Prohibition – News

Although the complaint was filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the federal government’s defense was handled by U.S. Attorney Samuel Dolinger, who argued that the precedent established by other courts was sufficient grounds to maintain the Schedule I status of cannabis. During the trial, U.S. District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein agreed with the plaintiffs that this classification made no sense, as the plaintiffs themselves were living proof of the medical efficacy of cannabis.

Despite the strength of the patients’ claims, Hellerstein

In a statement, lawyers for the plaintiffs said that they would appeal the decision, which could bring the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals, and from there possibly even to the Supreme Court. Themaven.net/theweedblog/policies/judge-dismisses-federal-cannabis-lawsuit-decision-will-be-appealed-4L80v8brtESmQsDOrp8t2Q?full=1″>The Maven, attorney Michael Hiller wrote that “resigning the plaintiffs to the petitioning administrative process is tantamount to a death sentence for those patients who need cannabis to live. “

Hiller continued: “Notwithstanding the outcome today, we remain confident that the final disposition of this case will include a finding that the classification of cannabis under the Controlled Substances Act is unconstitutional – freeing millions of Americans to safely treat their conditions with a plant that maintains their health and their lives. “

Joseph A. Bondy, another lawyer for the plaintiffs, echoed Hiller, and added that he feels the judge ignored aspects of their argument. “We believe in our claims and we’re going to continue to push the ball forward,” he said.

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