The Life Cycle of a Marijuana Plant: 6 Stages

Did you ever think that the life cycle of a marijuana plant is a lot like the life cycle of a human? Growers treat marijuana plants like their babies because they are! There are six key stages to the life cycle of a marijuana plant, and you can learn all about them by reading this article.

A cannabis plant goes through as many different stages in its life as a human being does. In fact, the marijuana plant (along with human beings) is one of the most complex organisms on the planet. The fact that this plant is dioecious (it can have individually separate male and female plants) makes it unique in the plant world and so much like the human world.

This will be a discovery into one of the world’s most loved plants and its life story. The life cycle of the marijuana plant is a mysteriously epic story and worth exploring in detail. So, here is the story of the life of a cannabis plant, from seed to harvest.

1.      The seed and germination

Just like with almost all plants, marijuana starts out as a tiny little dehydrated thing stuck in a waxy nut. A seed is something that is…

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