Grow Room: Types of Lighting & Impact on Yields

There are more and more lighting options available on the market these days for indoor growers. It can be difficult to make choices if you don’t know your options and the benefits or disadvantages of each one. This article is the lowdown – the basic information about the different lighting choices you have for your indoor cannabis garden.

If you have the pleasure of growing outdoors, in the open sunshine, you fortunately do not have to worry about lighting. However, for growers who have opted for indoor growing, lighting is one of the most important tools. Lighting is a grower’s way of mimicking sunlight, which as we know, is imperative to growing healthy plants.

There are a few things to consider when choosing lights:

  • Firstly, lighting can be expensive – and not just to purchase the globes. They use a lot of energy, and you can waste a lot of money using globes that might not even produce adequate lights. Energy efficiency is important when it comes to growing indoor weed.
  • Another thing to consider is how well plants respond to certain lighting systems. Lighting is the…

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