Cannabis Life Cycle – How Cannabis Grows

Witnessing the life cycle of the cannabis plant is both fun and fulfilling to the growers. Each growth stage comes with its own difficulties and positives, making the whole process even more challenging.

Cannabis goes through an annual cycle that takes anything from four to ten months, depending on the strain and medium of growth. Growers that are not new to the cannabis life cycle know everything in all the phases of growth.

Newbies, however, may not know much. If you intend to become a serious cannabis grower, you need to have all the basics about the cannabis life cycle at your fingertips, which is the reason for this article.

Cannabis Growth Stages

The cannabis life cycle has five stages: germination, seedling, vegetative, pre-flowering, and flowering. Each stage comes with specific needs that include lighting, temperature levels, water needs, nutrients, and more.

1. Germination Stage

Germination Stage

Seed germination is the first stage of every plant, including cannabis. Even though the stage is one of the easiest to handle, you should put quality on top of the things to focus on. You can tell if your cannabis seed has good quality by just looking at it. The seed should have a…

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