Strain Review: Sin Mint Cookies

Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and a friend new to weed who asked us not to use her name. We’ll call her “Newbie.” Today, they’ll be reviewing Sin Mint Cookies from Pearl Pharma.

Sin Mint Cookies by Pearl Pharma


Lab Test Results by Cannalysis

THCa – 292 mg/g

Total Cannabinoid content – 31.7 percent

Total Terpene content – 1.19 percent


Our eighth of Sin Mint Cookies was Harvested on Jan. 3 and packaged Feb. 10 after passing both microbial and chemical residue tests. Cleared for public consumption, Sin Mint tested at a respectable 29.8 percent for Delta-9-THC. Also high in other valuable cannabinoids, Sin Mint was found to contain a total of 1.58 mg/g of CBDa and 17.7 mg/g of CBN.


Monterey Bud

Sin Mint Cookies is a hybridized cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power. Loaded with psychotropic resin and mood-altering terpenes, Sin Mint appears, at least to me, like sparkling nuggets of lime green bliss. Her orange pistils (aka stigmas) and frosty complexion are a big heads-up to Sin Mint’s powerful effects. Blessed with a sublime aroma, Sin Mint Cookies smells like a hybridized cross of sweet earth, sharp mint and spicy herbs. A collaborative effort between cultivator Pearl Pharma and the breeder Sin City Seeds, the Sin Mint high is both inspired and relaxing.

After gently dissecting my bud, it was go time! Lit, ripped, and now righteously relaxed – my bong load of Sin Mint tasted like an insane blend of spicy jalapeno and sweet mint.


Duke London

Upon first glance, my sample of Sin Mint Cookies looked like a colorful garden hit by a fresh snowstorm. The sharp, minty aroma added to the frigid vibes this flower was giving off. I went and grabbed my jacket, but figured it would be tough to roll a joint with mittens on. So I just toughed it out. There are trichome clusters on top of other trichome clusters on this Sin Mint — one of the frostier flowers I’ve seen in a while. This bud was apparently immune to the rigorous Ziploc-inside-backpack treatment I had been providing during her short stay with me. After my first hit, I was transported to a truly relaxed state of mind, as if I had just been handed a minty hot chocolate after a long igloo-building session on a snow day.


Lesley Nickus

My bud was super dense with a really prominent white coating of trichomes. The color is light green, and because I made the mistake of again leaving my bud in a baggie, my nug was dry. But that wasn’t a problem. When I put my batch of Sin Mint Cookies in the grinder, the smell of puppy breath immediately hit my olfactory senses. And the coating of trichomes was so frosty that little white specks dusted onto my black desk when I popped open the grinder to start rolling my joint. It was really relaxing. It brought about a presence of mind that I felt helped me better participate in the social conversations going on around me.



What does it look like?

Light green and frosty.


What does it smell like?



How does it feel?

It’s squishy. Like, bouncy.


How did you smoke it?

In a joint.


How does it taste?

I’m not sure what that flavor is. Minty? Mostly weedy, though.


How do you feel?

*smiles* Relaxed.


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