Strain Review: Purple Candy Cane

Cannabis consumers come in many forms so we’ve included multiple points of view in our strain reviews. Our longtime reviewers Monterey Bud and Duke London join Managing Editor Lesley Nickus and some random guy named Carlos. Today, they’ll be reviewing Quality Resources Purple Candy Cane from Green Shock Farms.

Lab Test Results by Cannalysis

THC 18.2 percentCBDA / CBC

Our batch of Purple Candy Cane was lab tested and approved for consumption on Nov. 29, 2017.  Cleared of having any chemical residuals, the Purple Candy Cane tested at a respectable 18.2 percent for Delta-9-THC. As to her CBD content, Purple Candy Cane was found to contain 1.4 mg/g of CBGA and 1.18 mg/g of CBC.



Monterey Bud

Purple Candy Cane reeks! Initially protected from any intoxicating aromas thrown off by Purple Candy Cane on the drive, after I cracked open my sample at the home office – the air became heavy with a tropical and fruity aroma. The fragrance of mangos, vanilla, and berries seemed to linger for hours. But I guess that’s what you should expect from a high-end, 50-50 hybrid. Solid and sturdy yet pliable and fresh, my nug reminded me of a diminutive Christmas tree. Grinder at the ready, it was time to dissect this graceful gift of nature and get the show on the road.

Fluffed, rolled, and lit, I understand how Green Shock’s Purple Candy Cane took second place at the 2016 Emeralds Cup. After the first hit, I could feel my scalp begin to sweat. A response generally reserved for the high-octane dabs, I put my joint down about halfway through so I could finish my section of the review.

My high, after three or four solid hits, was specific and relaxing. No longer distressed with the 9-to-5 world – I was ready, willing, and eager to hang out with the family, and “check-in” on an emotional level.

Duke London

The morning I brought Green Shock’s Purple Candy Cane with me to work, there were surely some extra glares from fellow train passengers, as this strain straight up stinks — in the best way possible. The dense and frosty delight attacks the senses immediately upon pulling her out of the bag, her dark green exterior glimmering in the right light to show off a vast collection of trichomes.

I promptly rolled the PCC into a fat cone-shaped joint and quickly got to “work.” Because my sample was a little dried out, hand-grinding was a breeze and it even unlocked some hidden citrus notes that weren’t apparent before.

The high felt strong but not overbearing, the eye of the quiet storm focused directly in the middle of my forehead — though my entire body feels airy and calm, free of pain.

Lesley Nickus

The bud is fairly dense with an even green color throughout. It’s speckled with dull orange hairs and has a light dusting of trichomes. When I squeeze it between my fingers, it’s a little spongy and slightly sticky. It has a sweet smell that’s a little like berries and grass.

I smoked the flower out of a bong and noticed the distinct flavor of overripe fruit that left behind a sweet aftertaste. The high was very relaxing, but not mentally debilitating. I felt very alert, but also really wanted to take a good nap in the sun.


What does it look like? Medium green. Orange hairs. It’s nice. Aesthetically pleasing.

What does it smell like? Citrusy

How does it feel? It’s soft. Slightly crunchy. Sticky.

How did you smoke it? In a joint.

How does it taste? Smooth. I mostly just taste smoke. And spaghetti. Don’t write that down.

How do you feel? Happy. Energetic. Tingly … is that a thing? I feel really, really relaxed but not stupid.

Strain reviews are conducted on strains submitted by cultivators and brands for consideration. If you have a favorite strain you’d like us to review, share your feedback in the comments. Please don’t send us weed.

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