13 Cannabis Strains Named After Celebs

Imagine that the cannabis world loved you so much that they named a strain of this beautiful herb after you. There are many that have made it to this honourable list. From musicians to activists to comedians, there are strains named after all kinds of marijuana lovers. Keep reading to find out all about the famous people you’ve been smoking.

Wouldn’t it be the most badass thing if a cannabis strain were named after you? We think you’ve achieved the coolest celebrity status if there are people in the world holding a joint with your name on it. While most of us reading (and writing) this will only ever dream of that day, there are many who are already holding that holy grail.

Apparently, geneticists don’t discriminate when it comes to that “field” of work. You can be a musician, an activist or even a sportsperson. If you love the herb and let the whole world know about it, someone will eventually name a strain after you.  Here is the cannabis hall of fame, all of those who have the honour of having strains named after them.

1.      Snoop Dogg

Surprise, surprise!…

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